About Us

i am a brand™ is a global movement that inspires individuals to unleash their greatness by becoming the best version of themselves, and empowers people to form symbiotic relationships for self-growth and advancement. This means becoming aware of who you are as an individual, finding your passion, discovering your purpose in life, and deciding on what type of imprint you would like to leave in the world.

The Mission
Our mission is to educate, empower, inspire, and connect people from all walks of life. Our online platform exists for individuals to learn, exchange ideas and opinions, and share their journeys.

In A Nutshell
We provide resources to aid you in your everyday life, while helping cultivate the mindset needed to attain abundance. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student, entrepreneur, aspiring entrepreneur, blue or a white collar worker, our organization exists to enable you to become the best person you were designed to be.

The Social Mission – i am a brand™ Appareli am a brand
Plain and simple, we’re uniting the world through clothing. Our socially conscious apparel eliminates the social gap and connects total strangers through our logo. If you see someone wearing i am a brand™ Apparel, walk up to the person and spark a conversation. Likewise, if you’re wearing i am a brand™ Apparel, it’s an open invitation for one-on-one communication.

How It Really Works
Let’s say you’re from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and you go on vacation to Sydney, Australia. In Sydney, you decide to wear i am a brand™ Apparel while you’re sightseeing around town. As you’re walking down the street, a stranger spots the i am a brand™ signature logo on the shirt. Being aware of the movement, the stranger walks up to you and initiates a conversation by asking you “What’s your brand?” You two chat it up, and as a result make a genuine friendship connection.

Wearing our apparel gives you the opportunity to form new bonds wherever you go in the world. That’s the power of what we’re doing. Unlike other clothing lines, you’re not a walking advertisement for our product. When you invest in our apparel, you’re investing in the concept of our movement — and wearing clothing that positively represents who you are in the process. Your network determines your net-worth. Join the movement, get connected.

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